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Cocksucking Porn Stars I 100 Rookies to Stars
Cocksucking Porn Stars I 100 Rookies to Stars
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Cocksucking Porn Stars I 100 Rookies to Stars

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This volume features 100 Beautiful Pinkers and Porn Stars demonstrating the art of displaying their intimate feminine parts. Each Pinker/Porn Star is featured on a two-page spread: the left page presents her vital statistics and contrasts the Star in a modest endeavor; the right page presents an explicit image of the Star opening her vagina for your viewing pleasure and an invitation to cunnilingus and penetration. These Pinkers span a wide range of ages, races and skin colors, and although most are from the 21st Century, representations of pinkers from the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, and even the 19th century are included. A few of our Pinkers simultaneously suck cock, fuck cock, or take cock in the ass. All of our 100 Beauties invitingly present every sharp detail of their most intimate sexual recesses, and an introductory essay shares details of the art you might not have previously considered. Consider this coffee table book for your own private viewing pleasure, for sharing with best friends in your man cave, or as a lasting gift to someone special. This book is custom printed on expensive glossy 80# stock with a cover on 100# glossy stock. The table of contents and preface establish the book as rare artistic statement that combines the best of erotica with fine art.